• Stephanie

Out with the old?!

Today was a learning experience for me. I went to a local mill, Helmwood Urban Lumber, in search of some spalted wood for our jewelry. I must have won the wood lottery today because what I got was so much more! The owner, Jason, taught me about wood cuts, types, sap wood, hard wood....I could go on! Little Peach sat patiently in my arms nodding her chubby little head like she understood it all in her wise 10 months of life.

What real stuck with with me is local lumber is the way to go. Houston, like a lot of cities, tends to throw out the old and replace it with new. But how do we go about changing that? If we repurpose the old...and give it new life...doesn’t everyone benefit from that beauty?

So I was fortunate to pick out some beautiful wood with an even greater story. One tree was downed in the misfortune of Hurricane Harvey. The owner of the pecan orchard, his grandfather planted the trees over 100 years ago. So I hope we can do this tree justice, and breathe new beauty into its rings.

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